4 Features of VPS Hosting You Need to Look For

Websites are one of the most important aspects of doing business in today’s day and age. VPS hosting allows you to have a virtual private server so you don’t have to share a server with other sites. There are a few features to look for to enhance the overall experience, too.

#1: Speed
The speed offered by the VPS hosting company has to be taken into consideration. The last thing you want is a slow website. As more people visit your site at once, you will need more speed. Although there are things that can be done to speed up the site, you want to make sure the server is capable of giving you what you require, too. A company should be able to give you an uptime guarantee, too, so you know that your site will always be available.

#2: Customer Support
Customer support varies from company to company. You have to look at the kind of support you want. This can include support by phone, email, and live chat on the website. Additionally, you have to look at when you can access the support. 24/7 support is the best to ensure you can have issues addressed at any time. However, some companies will only offer limited support during the work week.

#3: Cost
The cost you pay for VPS hosting can vary. In most instances, it is charged monthly. You can often find deals that will lower the monthly cost if you sign a contract for 12 or 24 months at a time. Additionally, you will be able to choose a price package based on your budget and the amount of storage you want to have for your website. Be sure you spend the time exploring the packages so you get what you need without spending any more than necessary.

#4: Website Builder
It’s also important to look at the website builder that the hosting company gives you. When you’re not going to work with a professional website designer, the builder allows you to take control of the overall design. Many builders don’t require you to know any HTML coding. You simply drag and drop the elements that you want, including images. You can also update the directory, add more pages, and update content at any time through the CMS.

Not all hosting companies offer the same features. Review and compare VPS hosting options to ensure you have the best option for your website.