4 things that can happen to your business for choosing the wrong hosting service

Gone are days when it was optional to have a website for your business. Today it has become a necessity and a key driver of revenues. Businesses cannot afford even two minutes of downtime without losing millions in revenue. The secret to keeping your website running without interruptions lies with the VPS hosting provider you choose. However, failure to choose the right provider can be unfortunate for you and your business. Here are four things that can happen to your business for choosing the wrong hosting provider.

1. Damaged brand reputation

When your website is down for whatever reason your VPS hosting provider will give, your brand reputation surfers. If you have been in online business for long, then you know how hard it is to create an online reputation. Online business is all about trust and if your clients cannot trust you to stay online how can they trust you with their money. A damaged reputation can take years to repair not to mention the amount of money you will have spent.

2. Loss of revenue

Imagine you are running an e-commerce business with high traffic and because your hosting provider did not allocate you enough bandwidth your website goes down for a day. You will have suffered millions of dollars. Additionally, next time when your shoppers visit they will be skeptical about the availability of your website. They might also associate your products with the availability of your website. In the end, you will not only have lost that day’s revenues but revenues for days to follow.

3. Low SEO rankings

When bots crawl your website, they expect to collect enough data to rank your website relative to others. If every time a crawler bot visits your website your website is always down, you risk losing your ranking if the website had already been ranked. Search engines also have intelligent algorithms that detect the availability of your website and slap it to the bottom of the list if it is always down.

4. Operation interruption

When you have had your business operations lined up and all of a sudden your website goes down, you will drop everything else first to address the emergency. You will always be in a damage control situation where you are constantly receiving calls and emails from frustrated clients. Suppose further that your VPS hosting provider takes 2-3 days to respond to your queries and another day to fix the problem. You clearly cannot operate a business in such an environment; sooner or later you will find your business closing down.


You hosting provider has the power to make or break your business. You cannot, therefore, afford to go wrong. If you feel your provider is not offering your stellar services as you would want, migrate soonest possible before it cost you not just money but reputation too.