How Layering Can Assist In Avoiding DNS Outages

An act as simple as adding a secondary provider for a layering of protection against DNS outage is one of the most cost-effective actions you can take. This maneuver would have saved a lot of hassles for some major companies in 2016, at the height of DDoS attacks.

Many DNS Outages Are Preventable

The worst part of experiencing a DNS outage is coming to grips with the knowledge that it was most likely preventable. No, there is no way to completely thwart DDoS attacks and provider problems/errors, but you can utilize more than one provider. It provides you with a safety net to keep your site up and available in most instances. You can provide enough cushion to survive most attacks, heavy traffic and errors.

Lessens of Twitter, Netflix and Spotify

These three heavy hitters experienced a long outage that took them out of the game for several hours. there were other companies caught up in this attack as well. It was initiated by a botnet attack that pounded their pathways with so many data packets, they all went offline. Had they chosen to use a backup provider, getting back online would have almost immediate. It is strange that companies with their longstanding online presence would not take the time to use a secondary provider.

How Layering Works

Layering redundancy is not a complicated way to preserve your web presence. You simply add a default provider that can be at the ready for times that the main provider goes down. It makes no difference what the problem is with the server, the default provider will get your site back online. it is not a difficult solution to have added and will help you stay online during most times of provider crisis.

Reliability is Critical

Building customer loyalty is one way to see real company growth every year. part of this is derived from being able to access your website any time they are in need of the products or services you offer. One or two times of serious outages might drive the customer away to a competitor. You have to offer reliable service on the internet, as much as you would from a brick-and-mortar location. Anything less is often unacceptable to potential customers.

The Most Important Metric Is Availability

Many companies opt to spend their energy and dollars on metrics that speed loading times, add bells and whistles or image enhancements. These are nice and might be the right way to spend money and time at some point, but the most important feature to your site should be consistent availability. Everything else can be worked on once you know you have stability of presence with proper layering of a secondary provider.

Contact professional DNS experts to see how you can add a layer of provider protection for your retail website. The information onlineĀ is useful and can provide you with additional insights.